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Tzi-Yi Dressmaking & Designing

Tzi-Yi Dressmaking & Designing school was established in year 1979. It is run by two experienced seamstresses who have been teaching for 28 years.

This school is for beginners (who has no knowledge on sewing or has never use a sewing machine) to advanced learners.

The beginner will learn basics like taking body measurements, tackle different types of skirts, necklines to collars, while the advanced learner will tackle the evening grown.

Classes are conducted in day & evening, three days on weekdays. They are also day classes on weekend for busy professional as well, and run for three to four hours per sessions. (See courses)

They have also taught sewing students from various institutes of technical education.

Lessons are based on one-to-one and no restricted time schedule, so there are no worry even if you have missed a few lesson.



"The teachers are very professional and responsible with passion in teaching. Fees are very reasonable plus affordable as well. I enjoy the environment here as the classmate are very friendly, no pressure at all!"

 Fynn (Student)

"The curriculum is not restricted to scheduled semesters. This basically means that students may start their learning at any time at our convenience."

 Sharon (Advertising)

The one-on-one learning structure is one of the best aspects in this environment. Also, our teachers instill great confidence in student as their experience are not only from the classroom, but from being commercial practitioners too. Hence, the teachers have great and up-to-date knowledge of trends and styles making our syllabus relevant. "

Carol (Advertising)


"They are very nice & patient teachers. I get to learn many things here! "

 Xi Lian (Garment factory).


"I am happy for my student to learn the skill and acquire the art of dressmaking,"

Siew Lang (Principal)


“There is no stress and no competition here. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.”

Soon Guay (Teacher)